Thursday, August 28, 2008

2 Months worth of Pictures

I know, I know. We haven't updated for a while. I blame JayLyn, but its probably mostly my fault. JayLyn will come through here and put captions on all of the pics for y'all.

Xander chunky dunking in his new froggy pool. (This was his first time swimming.) He wanted in so bad and I was too lazy to get his suit on so he went all natural! (I don't think modesty was an issue with that smile!)
The following are photos of Xander trying his first foods

Xander loves his jumper, but unfortunatly is was too tall for him.
So we put a phonebook under his feet and it became a new game to see how fast he could demolish them.
ARGH, wheres the booty!
Xander at the 4th of July Parade.
Patty Cake

I'm Superman
Xander and Aunt Kim are comparing double chins (or is it triple?)
Daddy and Xander on Tubbs Hill
Daddy doing a great job of watching Xander.
Mmm, I love sweet potatoes!
I Love my baby cookies.

Daddy signing his life away on his new Dental Practice.
Still love my jumper

I love cantalope and watermellon
Xander and Daddy Eating daddy's face

I am pretty sure this was about to be a kiss.

Two totally hot guys right there. The baby blanket party
My very first chocolate push up pop
all over my face

Say "no" to crack