Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time to Catch up!

This is too sad, I don't think we've been on this for almost two years! We have a lot of catching up to do! I'll work on it when school is out next week!

Friday, October 3, 2008

New Pictures

Just a quick update and new pictures. Xander is growing up fast and things are a little crazy around the Scholes home. The new practice is moving along just fine and here in a few months it should start ot break even and hopefully actually start to make some money as well. JayLyn and I painted the waiting room of the office and redecorated some in there to start our transistion to a tropical themed office. We also had a retirement/grand opening party at the office that went pretty good as we ended up with aproximately a little over 200 people that came. And last but not least, I no longer am working on fridays in the liberty lake office (YAY)! Well now for the part most of you want to see anyhow, the latest pictures.

Xander in his bike trailer.
Fat Daddy pretending to have muscles.
Our waiting room at the office after we painted.
Xander enjoying the Pumkins.
More pumkins in Leavenworth, WA.
Mommy chillin with Xander.

" Which way did he go George? Which way did he go?"

Apparently we don't feed this kid enough that he has to eat the pool chairs. At Rachel's (Hygenist from Liberty Lake office) wedding in Leavenworth, WA.
Relaxing in the pool.
Mommy loves the naked pictures.
We call this one LA TIGRA.
(My little homage to the best movie ever. . . . ZOOLANDER!!)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

2 Months worth of Pictures

I know, I know. We haven't updated for a while. I blame JayLyn, but its probably mostly my fault. JayLyn will come through here and put captions on all of the pics for y'all.

Xander chunky dunking in his new froggy pool. (This was his first time swimming.) He wanted in so bad and I was too lazy to get his suit on so he went all natural! (I don't think modesty was an issue with that smile!)
The following are photos of Xander trying his first foods

Xander loves his jumper, but unfortunatly is was too tall for him.
So we put a phonebook under his feet and it became a new game to see how fast he could demolish them.
ARGH, wheres the booty!
Xander at the 4th of July Parade.
Patty Cake

I'm Superman
Xander and Aunt Kim are comparing double chins (or is it triple?)
Daddy and Xander on Tubbs Hill
Daddy doing a great job of watching Xander.
Mmm, I love sweet potatoes!
I Love my baby cookies.

Daddy signing his life away on his new Dental Practice.
Still love my jumper

I love cantalope and watermellon
Xander and Daddy Eating daddy's face

I am pretty sure this was about to be a kiss.

Two totally hot guys right there. The baby blanket party
My very first chocolate push up pop
all over my face

Say "no" to crack

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Xander's 1st park day at Falls Park. It was a little cold a windy, but we had fun. This is a photo of him when we got home. he sleep for 3 hours!

I love this baby! This is the first time he got to lay in the grass and he loved it. He has a natural love of the outdoors. He loves to look up into the tree and just watch the leaves blow. I love his smile and the way he turns right into the wind and waits for it to take his breath away only to laugh and do it again.

Meeting the Family

Xander and Uncle Alan meet!
Alyssa And Xander
Shane looking really excited to hold Xander
Xander with Aunt Kim and Mike.